How Committed Are You?


How Committed Are You??

We make commitments every day. We promise our boss that we will get the project done, we promise our spouse that we will pay the bills or we promise our friend that we are going to meet them for dinner.  The people in our lives are counting on us and we don’t want to let them down.  But, what about making commitments to yourself?  How are you committed to making yourself a priority?  Making a commitment to yourself is the same as making a commitment to someone else. You should have the same sense of obligation to yourself that you would for your boss, your friend or your spouse.

Because it’s the start of the NEW YEAR, many of us are getting back on track and setting goals for 2017.  This is a great time to make a commitment to ourselves, to our health, and to our well-being. At GOLO, we understand that you are not just “dieting”, but actually making a lifestyle change as a true commitment to taking control of your health and creating a happy life.


  • Follow GOLO! Make sure that you understand the 30 Day Rescue Plan. It is important to really comprehend how the Metabolic Fuel Matrix and the Release Supplement work together to create an intervention that will accelerate your weight loss success.
  • Use your MYGOLO membership often. We are only an email, phone call or a chat away to help keep you on the path to success. Because there is genuine power in the written word, we suggest that you sign a pledge in order to reinforce your commitment to the GOLO Rescue Plan and yourself!

By signing the pledge you are committing to a new you.  It doesn’t matter if it takes 3 months or 1 year to reach your goal, you have taken the first step. Think about how important it is to reach your goals.  Stay focused on the outcome and think of all the benefits and positive changes waiting for you along the way!your-commitment-to-successyour-commitment-to-success


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