To Weigh or Not to Weigh?


Does weighing yourself help you or hinder you on your weight loss journey?  This is something that comes up on a regular basis for me as one of the GOLO coaches.  People talk to me about how much they weigh now and how much they want to weigh.  Some people weigh themselves everyday (with some weighing in several times a day) and some doing it once a week.  The people who weigh themselves once a day or more claim that it helps them to stay on course.  But, does it really?  People can become obsessed with the number on the scale. If the number they see is not the number they want, the discrepancy can deeply affect how they see themselves, their body and their weight loss success.

My advice (always) is to weigh yourself once a week.  Our weight fluctuates so much from hour to hour and day to day, depending on what we eat (sodium, water, fiber etc.) if you are weighing yourself every day, this may not be an accurate assessment of what is happening with your body.  Eden, our customer service manager’s son (age 6) loves to step on the scale and see the digital read out flash until it comes to a final number.  Part of the fun for him is to report his weight to her afterward. It can range anywhere from 50.2 lbs. to 56.6 lbs. at any given time or day.  His weight is fluctuating 6.4 lbs.  Is his weight accurately assessing what is happening in his body?  If this happens to a 6-year-old, then it is most definitely happening to you.  This is why weighing today and then again tomorrow can be damaging to your self-confidence.  Even though you may be doing great on GOLO, you may have had more salt today or you might drink more water tomorrow (which is a good thing) but that might make it look like you have gained on the scale.

I am not telling you that you shouldn’t be weighing yourself at all or that you shouldn’t have a weight loss goal.  It is definitely important on this journey; and weighing yourself at the same time once a week can be very beneficial.  But, keep in mind that the scale is a compass or tool and should be one of many that you use to track your progress.  Other great tools are taking measurements of your body to keep track of inches lost, assessing how you feel (energetic, more focused) and how your clothes fit (looser, too big) and taking photos of yourself and to see the difference.  Remember, sometimes we are gaining metabolism-boosting muscle and losing fat which can affect the number on the scale.

Although you probably joined GOLO to lose weight and in the end, I’m sure you will just remember not to hyper-focus on the number that pops up on the scale.  What is most important is your health and how you feel.  When those are in check, you will be amazed at what you are able to achieve.  #GOLO #GOLOforLife #WeightLoss

~Jamie, GOLO Coach

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