GRATITUDE: An Amazing Way to Reach Your Goals


Gratitude:  An amazing way to reach your goals!

At Thanksgiving, we are all usually asked to think about what we are thankful for.  Most often, we often come up with a list of our family, friends or all the blessings that we have had over the last year.  These are all perfect answers but this is also the perfect time to take a look at how we can use gratitude to support us in our goals both now and throughout the year  (not just at Thanksgiving).   For those of us in the GOLO community, our main goals are to lose weight and to be healthier, and although it may seem odd, gratitude has many benefits that can help us reach these goals, and improve all areas of our lives.

Take a second right now and think of a time when you were grateful. 

How did you feel?  Joyful, peaceful, energetic, happy? 

What were your thoughts?  Were they positive or negative? 

Our thoughts are very powerful and create our emotions.  What we focus on expands in our lives.  If we spend time focused on what is wrong or hard, then it will take a larger role in our lives.  Why not focus on what we want and let that play the largest role in our lives?   We want more things to be grateful for, right? We all want more joy, peace, energy and happiness and it is easier to reach these goals if we are experiencing positive thoughts and emotions.

So, take a few minutes to write down 5 things that you are grateful for.  When you are done stop, and take a deep breath.

Can you feel the difference? 

People who focus on gratitude on a daily basis reported that they are:

  • More confident
  • More focused and productive
  • Happier/Joyful
  • Less self-critical
  • Less stressed
  • More optimistic


With that in mind, try this exercise every day for a month and see how it changes your thoughts and feelings:

Start (or end) your day by writing down several things that you’re are grateful for.  You could even put them in a nice notebook and keep it with you or on your bedside table! 

I bet, by the end of the month you will notice a huge shift in your emotions and also in how close you are to your goals!



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