Power Packed Breakfast Salad Bar       

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Salad for breakfast?  Don’t knock it till you try it!!  I don’t like sweets at breakfast so eating a leftover salad in the morning is easy for me however, I know that some of you like a little sweetness with your early meal so don’t worry, I’ve got ideas for you too.

GOLO’s plan of prepping meals for the week makes lunch and dinners easy but many of our customers still prepare breakfast from scratch each day.  If your mornings are anything like mine, they are hectic and hurried and the idea of breaking out the pots and pans is way too much for me to handle and so… the Breakfast Salad was born!  With a little bit of prep work on Sunday, you can have your own personal Breakfast Salad bar up and running for the week. And don’t be afraid to use your leftovers – I do it all the time!!

I’ve listed some ideas from each of the food groups below to get you started.  Once you begin, I bet you’ll find all kinds of combinations that you never thought of before.  Don’t forget to share them with your fellow GOLOers here!


  • Boiled Eggs
  • Feta Cheese
  • Walnuts or Almonds
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Sunflower, Pumpkin or Chia Seeds


  • Quinoa
  • Berries or Any Other Fruit
  • Roasted Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes
  • Dried Fruit


  • Shredded Brussels Sprouts
  • Spinach
  • Shredded Cabbage

And here are a few Power Packed Salad combinations that I love personally:

  • Quinoa + Berries + Almonds + Feta Cheese + Honey/Lemon Juice Dressing
  • Spinach + Banana + Strawberry + Apple + Almonds + Greek Yogurt/Honey Dressing
  • Quinoa + Shredded Brussels Sprouts + Chopped Egg + Dried Cranberries + Walnuts + Honey/Lemon Juice Dressing
  • Spinach + Chopped Egg + Crumbled Bacon + Tomatoes + Olive Oil/Lemon Juice Dressing
  • Avocado + Walnuts + Grapefruit + Orange + Red Onion + Chopped Egg + Olive Oil/Lemon Juice Dressing
  • Spinach + Blueberries + Oranges + Feta Cheese + Walnuts + Honey/Lemon Juice Dressing

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