4 Week Walk Challenge

Happy #FitnessFriday! We did something a little different this week. October is a great month for long walks and of course it’s prime hiking season. Take advantage of the nice weather while you can! Let’s go on a walk, or a few.

Rodale Inc, one of the worlds leading healthy lifestyle companies, published an article in Prevention Magazine, one of the best-known health and wellness magazines, about the benefits of simply walking. Here are a few of the high points:

1 minute of walking you are more likely to have a waist circumference 4 cm smaller than someone who sits all day
2 minutes of walking the genes responsible for metabolizing fat and carbs are activated
3 minutes of walking your blood pressure and triglyceride levels lower
5 minutes of walking in nature improves self-esteem by 46% and mood by 54%
6 minutes of walking at a brisk pace promotes better memory and logic
walking 15 minutes after a meal your blood sugar levels lower as does the risk for diabetes
20 minutes of walking, daily, the bone density in post menopausal women increases
30 minutes of walking symptoms of depression decrease
150 minutes of walking per week your body weight, BMI and blood pressure decrease
240 minutes of walking per week the risk of hip fractures decreases
450 minutes of walking per week your life expectancy ups by 4.5 years
Remember to stretch!

~Sarah, GOLO Customer Service Rep & Fitness Fanatic

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