Survive the Holidays

It’s that cozy time of year again. Eggnog and cookies beckon, not to mention the host of holiday feasts. Our holiday season now consists of about two full months of celebrating that seem to keep on going.

How can you survive without your belly turning into a bowlful of jelly?  Santa Claus Measuring Fat Belly


1. Get Moving.

Do whatever you can to maintain (or even start) an exercise plan before the New Year. If you can make it a regular habit now, during the busy holidays, you have a much better chance of sticking with it later. If you want, make exercise a fun family event, such as ice skating, sledding, or simply a brisk walk about town viewing Christmas lights.

2. Keep a Schedule

Don’t skimp on eating your regular meals. It may sound counter intuitive, but you’re better off eating your meals and indulging just a little bit in a holiday snack later. You will be much less likely to overdo it if you eaten your balanced meals throughout the day.

3. Drink Water and be Merry

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or herbal tea. We often think we’re hungry, when the reality is that our bodies are thirsty. If you do imbibe in the alcohol libations, drink a full glass of water between each cocktail to keep you hydrated and to keep from overdoing the booze.

4. Be Choosy

There are so many sugarplums to choose from over the holidays. We all like sweets, but eating too many can really blow your plans. Be selective. You don’t have to taste them all.

5. Treat Yourself

Instead of eating your way through the holiday treats, give yourself a feel-good health treat. Schedule a spa visit, massage, facial, or new hairstyle. Gift yourself to yoga classes, a gym membership, or even a ski trip. Find whatever “treat” makes YOU feel good about yourself that isn’t food related comfort.


Remember to keep your eye on the prize.  It’s normal to indulge this time of year, and you may even gain a few pounds because of it, but DON’T GIVE UP ON IT!


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