Wonder Why It Didn’t Mold?

Here at GOLO we’re fond of doing food experiments. In fact, we have a few in our office cupboards. Some of these are bought for photo shoots, some bought for analysis, and a few… well I honestly can’t say why a certain select exist in there and can only guess where they came from!

Operation Wonder

We’ve had this standard loaf of childhood favorite, white Wonder Bread for at least two years.2-year-wonder-bread

Today I took it down from its lonely perch on the top shelf of our communal office kitchen to have a look.

It felt like a brick.

When I opened it up, I was fully prepared for the pungent stink of mold, but what assaulted my nostrils was an even sharper tang of… I don’t know what exactly, but the best way to describe it would be chemicals (or plastic as my coworker said).

The most amazing thing though, is that there was NOT A SPECK of mold or fungus on the entire loaf!

Imagine. Two years sitting in a dark cupboard and NO MOLD.

Most store-bought commercial breads include preservatives in the flour. They also add in other ingredients (calcium propionate, sodium benzoate, tricalicum phosphate, BHA and other stabilizers) to inhibit mold growth.2 year old bread

Two year old Wonder Bread. It may even outlast Twinkies should we ever be faced with a zombie nuclear apocalypse.

Got any gross things in your cupboards?


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