5 Foods That Masquerade as Being Healthy

We’d all probably like to eat a bit healthier, whether it’s because we’d like to lose weight or because of age or health concerns. There’s certainly no shortage of products in the American supermarket that, through the wonders of clever marketing, present themselves as being both extremely convenient and healthy. Beware! You might just be trading convenience for your health!

Below are a few of the most egregious offenders.


1. Bagged Salad KitsBaggedSalad

Cost: $3.99

Ultimate Caesar salad

Number of Ingredients: 45

Sodium: 1,320mg

Sugars: 5g


How can I go wrong eating rabbit food?

Aside from cleanliness and safety issues, those bagged salads contain a whopping amount of sodium, (your body only needs about 500-1,000mg per day to function normally) which is primarily contained in the packets of flavored dressing and trendy “gourmet” toppings.

It’s easy to chomp on a bag full of lettuce for dinner and believe you’re eating healthy, but if you consume the entire package you are actually eating three servings, which ups the calories, fat and preservatives dramatically. And that’s before we even add in the chicken!


eggsub2. Egg Substitutes

Cost: $2.69

Number of Ingredients: 21

Sodium: 230mg

Sugars: <2g


Think before you pour!

Many people make the switch to these “eggs in a carton” for health or medical reasons, thinking to lower their cholesterol. While the product states that it is made from 99% egg whites, it also contains many things that a natural egg does not; namely extra salt, spices and artificial vitamin additives.

It turns out that REAL eggs are not the dietary demons they’re cracked up to be and their good cholesterol has virtually no damaging effects on overall cholesterol levels or heart health.


yogurt3. Fat Free and “Fun” Yogurt

Cost: $0.60 to $1.69

Number of Ingredients:  7 in the yogurt, 24 in the cookie topping

Sodium: 115mg

Sugars: 24g


The fun toppings and flavors may not be so fun for your health.

Yogurt is often touted as a health and diet food staple due to its high protein and calcium, and also as a healthier snack alternative for kids. While this is generally true, not all yogurts are created equal and many are a bad wolf draped in healthy clothing. Fat-free yogurt often has more calories, sugars and additives than their regular yogurt counterparts.

Even worse is yogurt made to be “kid-friendly” with sprinkles, chocolate chips or other crunchy toppings. The ingredient list, which includes high fructose corn syrup, rises with the sugar count on these masqueraders. At 24g of sugar per container, you would’ve just been better off enjoying a homemade cookie!

And lest you think the adult flavors are any better, even the organic nonfat chocolate Greek yogurt contained 21g of sugars and 55mg of sodium (that’s almost as much as a Hershey Bar!). This may not seem so awful, but consider the fact that the recommended daily allowance of sugar for healthy adult men and women is only 30-45g of sugar per day. And for those who are overweight, are pre-diabetic or have diabetes that drops to a mere 20g, so this healthy snack could send you into sugar shock for the entire day!

Bottom line: Stick to whole yogurt (preferably organic). The natural fat will fill you up and keep you feeling satisfied. Keep it plain & simple: add your own fruit slices, honey or crumbled nuts.



Oatmeal4. Oatmeal Packets

Cost: $3.99 box, or $.0.39/packet

Strawberries & cream flavor

Number of Ingredients: 25

Sodium: 180mg

Sugars: 12g


What could be more wholesome than a warm bowl of oatmeal?

Well, it’s perhaps NOT so healthy when it includes about 23 ingredients beyond the rolled oats and the strawberry pieces (including red dye 40 and artificial strawberry flavor).

These flavored packets may seem convenient, but whenever sugar is listed as first or second ingredient you’re better off steering clear and making your own from plain oats and adding in your own fruit.



FrozenEntree5. Healthy Frozen Entrees

Cost: $3.99

Beef and Broccoli

Number of Ingredients: 38

Sodium: 520mg

Sugars: 4g


Should it really take 38 ingredients to make a simple stir-fry that should just consist of beef, onions, peppers, broccoli and brown rice?

Granted, most of the additives come from the sauce, but seriously, why would you want it?

As for the cost, you could make your own broccoli and beef stir-fry meal for about one dollar less, and you get to control what kind and how much spices, sauce (i.e. sodium) goes on it!


Do you really want to ingest more sodium and artificial ingredients than you have to?  Read labels and look for better alternatives to these over-processed, pseudo-healthy foods and learn how to make your own REAL healthy alternatives. They’re just as convenient and actually cost much less!



The GOLO Metabolic Fuel Matrix is full of naturally healthy foods that contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients that promote health, not destroy it.

A GOLO diet free of unnatural preservatives and additives will help you detox your body and have you well on your way to losing weight and a healthy lifestyle.


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