The New “It’s A Typical Life”

For many people, the early years of life are relatively worry and stress free. As we get older we gain responsibilities and stress due to jobs, family and other uncontrollable things and that can affect our health and weight.

Some stress is inevitable of course. But it is how we take care of ourselves in order to handle these stresses is the important part. Feeling too stressed-out is a signal and a warning sign telling you to re-evaluate your life.

When life is stressful, we should exercise more and eat better, yet the opposite happens. It’s easy to become mentally paralyzed, move less and eat more. Energy levels go down. It’s easy to start eating processed or convenience foods to save time, but these unhealthy foods are not properly nourishing your body. You may not even be thinking clearly anymore, and now you have entered a vicious and unhealthy cycle. Unfortunately, our bodies pay us back with weight gain and health problems.

It’s typical to have put on some extra weight as you’ve gotten older. You may also have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high insulin levels or other health issues. This is the time to make a change! But you may not know how to do that. You may not realize that bad eating habits, lack of sleep and lack of exercise have started to cause disease in your body.

shutterstock_28261438You may go to the doctor for help, and maybe the doctor recommends slowing down and taking care of yourself and losing some weight. The doctor may also recommend a prescription drug. But what he or she may not tell you is that once you start down this path of putting bandages on your health issues with prescription drugs it is very hard to go back.

With many prescription drugs, it is intended that you to stay on them for the rest of your life. A reliance on prescription drugs may cause additional weight gain or give you other unwanted side effects. Medications may aid in treating one issue, but they can cause other health issues that require additional drugs. Over time, taking too many medications can eventually cause serious damage to your organs or other parts of your body.

Some medications can keep you alive for years, but at what cost?

Who is the real winner?

It’s not you or your family! The food companies have gotten rich by feeding you chemicals they say are good for you. The pharmaceutical companies have convinced you that their medications are the answer. The entire healthcare industry profits treating sick people who often could have prevented their chronic illnesses.

Wouldn’t medication free life, not being overweight or obese and worry-free of a medical financial disaster seem more appealing?

Think of it this way:  There are 8,760 hours in a year. If you can’t set aside a few of those hours to exercise and eat healthy, then plan to make time for being sick.


Take charge of your life: Only you can decide how you will live, and the quality of life you will have. It’s time to fight back!

GOLO believes you can live a happy, healthy life, free of weight-related health issues and medications. Will it always be easy? No. Our society keeps steering us towards the easy way out. But that benefits no one except those who profit from treating chronic disease and illness.  Don’t let your current weight control your future. Take control today!

Click here to learn more about the GOLO program and how you can try it risk free.


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