Why Dieting Makes You Fat

Chances are you’ve been on diets or diet products and they haven’t worked. You may have even lost some weight, only to have gained it back plus more. You probably blamed yourself for not being able to understand the diet, find the time or stick with it. The fact is it wasn’t your fault!

Many diets set you up for failure with complex programs and menus, and by selling you shakes, bars and meals. These diets actually sabotage your metabolism, contribute to Insulin Resistance, and ultimately lead to failure.

Technically, any diet that restricts calories may work short term. However, when you diet in this ‘starvation’ mode you lose muscle mass. A loss of muscle loss slows down your metabolism, which means the body needs fewer calories to meet its needs.

As you begin to eat more after a restrictive diet, having a slow metabolism causes the body to gain weight, and the excess weight gets stored as FAT. You’ve now got a higher percentage of body fat.


The result is you end up BIGGER than before your diet! Ultimately this creates a viscous cycle of small weight losses and larger fat gains that lead to Insulin Resistance. When you develop Insulin Resistance it becomes nearly impossible to lose the fat weight, even if you diet and exercise.

Wrong diets are diets that:

  • Require a temporary adjustment in what you eat, or have you skip or replace meals. They are too restrictive not sustainable. These diets often include expensive processed products like meal replacement shakes and bars that spike glucose levels and worsen Insulin Resistance.
  • Deprive the body of the nutrition it needs from all the food groups, including healthy fats and carbohydrates.
  • Don’t manage insulin and restrict calories causing you to eat too little and choose unhealthy low or nonfat foods.

To Lose Weight STOP Dieting!

To lose weight and keep it off, you must optimize insulin so you can restore the metabolism and burn fat. When the insulin is under control, you will begin to reverse Insulin Resistance. And best of all, you can do this without the cravings and hunger so often associated with diets.

Losing weight is not just about ‘eating less’ or eating ‘healthy’ food. In order to optimize the metabolism, you need a strategy to ensure that insulin levels stay balanced in such a manner that it minimizes fat production and storage; while simultaneously using stored fat for metabolic purposes.

GOLO is the only program that scientifically targets Insulin Resistance and gives you a natural solution that can change your life! GOLO is different from appetite suppressant pills, shakes and other diet programs because GOLO’s synergistic approach targets the reasons why you’ve gained weight in the past and focuses on easy lifestyle changes that create steady weight loss, better health and permanent results.

To learn more visit: www.golo.com


A GOLO Early Adopter – Sherry

“I love that I can eat and not starve myself and I just have so much more energy!”

While not overweight Sherry found that she kept gaining and losing the same 10 to 15 pounds over and over again. The result of this constant fad and yo-yo dieting was an increase in stubborn belly fat. Following GOLO, Sherry was able to lose 21 pounds and a whopping 30 total inches from her body, with almost 10 inches being lost from her waist (that’s 5 dress sizes!).



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